problems of aging skin need total care

Problems of Aging Skin Need Total Care

problems of aging skin need total careAging skin is the thing that will be experienced by all living beings, including humans. Aging skin is a life cycle that can not be avoided by any person. Signs of aging usually appear when a person turned 30 years and older. But the signs of aging will be a serious problem if it arises when one is still young, or often referred to as premature aging.

What is the cause of aging skin?

Aging skin can be caused by two factors: internal and external factors. The internal factors may be caused by heredity, health factors and endurance, and psychological factors. The internal factor is a natural process that can not be avoided by any human being. It can also be triggered by stress and hormonal changes, and these factors can only be reduced its effect by way of appropriate skin treatments and routine, reduce stress and try to live relaxed. The second factor is external. External factors may be caused by natural circumstances surrounding such as free radicals, sunlight, and humidity. Skin aging caused by external factors can be prevented by doing skin care are routine.

Problems of aging skin are caused by external factor

problems of aging skin need total careSkin aging caused by free radicals. Our skin is composed of microscopic cells are very small. Then form the outer wall and the nucleus (cell nucleus) interior. If the outside of the skin is damaged, then some parts of the combined cells would be visible. Free radicals are substances that continually hit their cell walls and cause oxidative damage (caused by oxidation). In some cases, this condition can also cause cancer, that if free radicals can break DNA. Even though failed to break DNA, free radicals can cause serious skin damage, premature aging and skin that is dull. To deal with or prevent this, you must be diligent to consume a variety of foods which are antioxidants. Antioxidants can clean up free radicals, which can inhibit or at least slow down the process of damage and aging skin.

Skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays. Sunlight is the biggest cause of skin cell damage and aging skin. In the short term or in a certain time, sunlight is good for the skin and body. But, if excessive exposure in time the consequences could be very bad for the skin, which can lead to wrinkles and skin discoloration due to damage to the skin pigment.

Skin aging caused by smoking. Too much smoking will cause many negative effects on the body. Smoking can lead to increased cholesterol levels and make you look older. Smoking also inhibits the circulation of oxygen into the skin. In terms of appearance and oral health, smoking also can damage the mouth, such as yellow teeth and skin blackened lips.

Prevention of aging skin

Choosing The Best Skin Bleaching Cream ProductsThe right time to start taking treatment of aging skin is before you look any signs. After reaching the age of “between 28-29”, it is important to shield your skin from fine lines, pigmentation, and spots. All of these do not show suddenly. Their sighting is a slow process. There are solutions to prevent them and keep the look skin young for a longer period of time.

Aging skin creams are can be helpful in preventing the aging skin. Select a brand that offers all these solutions in a single product. Using a disjunct cream for every problem is not a good idea. Experts advise minimum usage of single beauty products.

Drink lots of water; add citrus and vitamin rich eatables to your diet. Always keep your skin with moisturizer, doing skin nourishment treatments once in a while, abstain from dangerous beauty products and stick to carefully choose a deep aging cream that suits your skin type. Problems of aging skin

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